Raymond and Chrissy Mattiazzi are the directors of Carnarvon Funeral Services Pty Ltd.

We are 100% local. Raymond has lived his entire life in the Stanthorpe area. Carnarvon Funeral Services are justified in saying that over the years, we have aided many Granite Belt families at their time of greatest emotional need and crisis. We have done so by providing caring & dignified attention to every detail of the funeral service. It is our aim to continue taking the agonizing confusion and organization from your shoulders and placing it on ours. We truly do understand. We proudly cover the Granite Belt & surrounding districts.

At Carnarvon Funeral Services we know exactly what to do. Delivering careful attention, before, during and after the service. We are most honored to be asked for help by local families, in their very trouble times. We know just how difficult this time can be, with grief and other emotions clouding the need to attend your loved ones’ personal affairs and the added stress of arranging a funeral service.