Planning for the funeral service

When you meet with Carnarvon Funeral Services, discuss with them ideas you have for the funeral service. By adding personal touches you can create a funeral that reflects the unique and special qualities of your loved one.
Here are some suggestions:

  • Place some of your loved one’s favorite items on the coffin or nearby.
  • Create a picture board with a montage of memorable photographs to be displayed.
  • Choose a particular hymn or piece of music that may be special to you or your loved one.
  • The floral tribute on top of the coffin may contain flowers that were favourites of the deceased or may have come from their own garden.
    Create order of service sheets containing special photo’s, poems, quotes etc. to be handed out at the funeral service.
  • During the ceremony project an audio visual tribute (Reflections of a Life DVD containing images of the person’s life).
  • Involve any relevant organizations such as the R.S.L., Lions/Rotary, Masonic Lodge etc. (They sometimes have their own short ceremony you can include in the service).
  • Prepare a personalized bookmark for mourners to take home as a keepsake after the funeral.
  • Include poetry or scripture that may have special significance for you or the person who died.
  • Provide a memory book at the after funeral gathering for mourners to write special memories they wish to share.

Who will officiate at the funeral?

Any person of your choice can officiate at a funeral service whether they are a Minister of religion, civil celebrant, a friend or member of the family. You or your loved one may have been church congregation members and desire your own minister or priest to officiate at the funeral service.

Carnarvon Funeral Services can arrange this for you. You may not have been to church for many years but may feel more comfortable with a clergy person performing the official funeral service. Or you may prefer a civil celebrant to lead the funeral service, either choice, we can organize this for you also.

The person you choose to lead the ceremony will endeavor to meet with your personally before the service to discuss the life of the person who has died. This will ensure your particular wants and needs are satisfied in the ceremony.

The eulogy

A loving tribute to celebrate a life. The eulogy is an important part of the service and it commemorates and celebrates the life of your loved one how they touched your heart & life, also the hearts of others. Writing and delivering the eulogy is an exceptional task as the eulogy will commence the healing process for those who are left behind.

The eulogy can be delivered by anyone – a family member, friend or clergy, it is best delivered by one who has known the deceased well The eulogy time may be share by family & friends, all contributing words of remembrance, Tribute & even poetry or song.

Writing the funeral notice

The funeral notice helps to inform friends, relatives an the community. of the passing of a loved one and to convey to them the details of the funeral service to follow. You may like to place the funeral notice in the local newspaper only or you may also publish it in newspapers from towns or cities where the deceased once lived, worked or spent weekends or holidays. When it comes to writing the funeral notice you can include any information you feel is appropriate. Carnarvon Funeral Services will write and place the funeral notice on our behalf.

Refreshments after the funeral

Once the formal part of the funeral service has ended you may like to gather with family and friends for refreshments. Funerals are often times of reunion so this is a time when you and your family can relax in a casual atmosphere and catch up with friends both old and new to share stories & reminisce about the life of the one who has died.
Some places to have refreshments include:

  • Your own home
  • If the funeral was held at a church the lady members may be able to supply refreshments in the church hall for a small fee
  • Your favorite cafĂ© or restaurant
  • Specialised catering at the cemetery or crematorium.