There is an overwhelming sense of…

What Should I Do Now?

To assist you plan or pre plan a funeral, we’ve produced this informative site explaining what needs to be done and answer questions such as:

  • Who do I need to contact?
  • What are my legal responsibilities?
  • What immediately needs to be done?
  • How do I arrange the funeral service?

Our aim in producing this Information is to answer questions, however you may have questions of your own, if so, please call us or come to our office for a more detailed guidance.

At Home

If a person dies of natural causes at home the first phone call should be to your doctor as it is he/she who will issue the Cause of Death Certificate. After this is done and when the family agrees it’s the right time, call us and we’ll arrange for the deceased to be transferred.

Nursing Home

If at a nursing home, the home will call us on your behalf to arrange the transfer of your loved one. You will need only to contact us for an appointment to commence funeral arrangements.

At the Hospital

When a loved one dies in hospital the family should inform Carnarvon Funeral Services as soon as possible. Our consultant will arrange a time to meet and help gently guide you through the funeral planning process. We will also organize a suitable time to transfer your loved one from the hospital.

Death from non natural causes

Accidental deaths or deaths by other causes must be reported to the police who will inform the coroner.
A person who suffers non natural death will be taken from the place of death to the nearest mortuary. After the coroner’s examination the deceased is released into the care of the funeral director, and then the funeral may take place.

Something to keep in mind

One of your first calls should be to Carnarvon Funeral Services, our experience and assistance will take much of the burden from you at a time when grief and other emotions preclude you from focusing on the necessary arrangements & other important responsibilities.

Allow yourself time

Over the years people have generally thought that the funeral must be held within a definite period of time after a death. This is not the case; you may take your time and proceed at a pace at which you feel comfortable. Some families desire to put the funeral behind them as quickly as possible, To them it is seen as a painful experience and they simply want it to be over.

The heartache will linger, even when the funeral is over. We encourage you to carefully consider and plan, making sure that the arrangements made meet you, and your family’s needs.

In deciding on a day and time for he ceremony allow ample time for…

  • A viewing if required
  • Writing the eulogy
  • Preparing an order of service
  • Gathering old photographs
  • Preparation of memory displays
  • Relatives need to travel