Most of us plan ahead – we plan for holidays, marriages, the future education of our children, and for retirement. Dying is as much a part of life as being born, but most of us avoid funeral planning and the topic of a prepaid funeral plan or death cover.

Either by simply putting some basic funeral preplanning arrangements in place, or organising formal prepaid funeral plans, you will not only provide peace of mind for those left behind, but financial security, too.


Sureplan is a mutual life insurance company that specialises in funeral and burial assistance. As a mutual, Sureplan is owned by its members and therefore is not liable to pay dividends to third party shareholders.  Rather members directly benefit in the form of lower premiums (funeral insurance) and higher returns (funeral bond).

Sureplan, with over 70 years worth of experience in funeral bonds, has been managing funeral funds since 1935 and has a long and proud history of delivering outstanding benefits for members. Our funeral bond fund (Sureplan Gold) is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Carnarvon Funeral Service are the agent and have been since 2002.  Australian families can look forward to worry-free future when it comes to paying for their funerals.  It helps provide funds towards the cost of the funeral and relieve loved ones of having to cope with the financial burden when the time comes

Sureplan Gold – funeral bond

Ideal for funeral preplanning and prepaid funeral plans

In July 1998 Sureplan introduced Sureplan Gold, specifically for the Over 55s. Sureplan Gold is a conservatively managed funeral bond that is an ideal way to either prepay funeral expenses or use as a funeral saving plan.


With Sureplan Gold there are no entry, contribution or exit fees and members can contribute with a lump sum and/or from as little as $50 per month. Members are free to stop contributing whenever they choose without penalty. The funeral benefit payable is the amount accumulated from their own contributions plus bonuses (fund returns).

Sureplan Gold, which is used by many retired people to prepay their funeral expenses, only invests in low volatile “AA” rated fixed interest securities and cash which ensures returns are predictable and reliable.

As Sureplan Gold is a funeral bond, you will be unable to access your funds after the 30 day “cooling off” period.

Pension Maximisation

  1. You contribute amounts either as a lump sum or by regular payments.
  2. On your death, your contribution and bonuses are paid to your nominee to help pay your funeral costs.

Fast Claims

We at Sureplan understand that our members provide funds for their funeral expenses to relieve their family of much of the associated financial stress. That is why we guarantee to pay their funeral benefit within 1 working day of receiving independent confirmation of their death. There is no paperwork required for the family – all we require is a phone call.

Sureplan Body Transportation Fund

As an optional extra, Sureplan’s Body Transportation Funeral Fund offers protection for you, should you die away from your place of residence.

For a ‘once only’ premium of $250.00 this funeral fund offers the benefit of paying for the transportation and any other related preparation, containment or documentation costs up to a maximum of $3,000 should you die within Australia outside a 70 km radius from your place of residence. For the first 24 months of membership a benefit will only be paid in the event of accidental death only i.e. not as a result if illness, natural causes or suicide.

The ‘once only’ premium is not refundable after the expiration of the 30 day ‘cooling off’ period. Sureplan requires independent evidence of the costs incurred from a third party such as the Funeral Director.

The benefit will be limited to actual expenses incurred in transporting your body in a conventional manner from your place of death to your chosen funeral director, in reasonable proximity to your place of residence.

Funeral Fund Benefits

  • Once only premium
  • Body transportation and other related preparation
  • Cover within Australia

How Can I Join This Funeral Fund?

To be eligible to join this fund, you must be less than 85 years of age, and either a member of the Sureplan Family Fund or Sureplan Gold. In the event that you change your place of residence you must advise Sureplan Friendly society in writing (signed by the member) of your new residential address as soon as possible.


As a member, you pay only the $250.00 joining fee. Stamp duty may apply to your contribution and the rate of stamp duty payable varies from State to State, and if payable, will be paid by the Society.

Thank you for considering Sureplan for all your funeral preplanning needs. Raymond and staff are always available to discuss any concerns and questions you may have in order to make a decision to help you be prepared in your time to need.

Our aim in producing this Information is to answer questions.

Please call us 07 46813121 or come to our office at 31 Wolfram Street for a more detailed guidance.

Benefit of pre-planning your funeral


You can protect your family from the distress of making difficult decisions at an emotional time.

Peace of Mind

Pre-paying means real peace of mind for you and your family


Your family will be relieved from any financial burden. It makes good financial sense, making all of your choices now, you can fix the price of funeral at today’s costs

Save Money

You may be able to maximize your pension entitlement. Any money paid into the plan is not subject to the income or assets test or deemed earnings. So you automatically save money.

Your Choice

You can ensure that your exact wishes are made known and are carried out the way you want it.


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